SundayS @ 10 AM


- Come as you are, wear what you want. You will find most of our people dress casually. Shorts, t-shirts, sandals, jeans - it's all good.

- Don't ask anything of our guests. You won't be asked to sign up for anything nor give anything nor will you need to raise your hand for anything. 

- Coffee & Light Breakfast items. Free Food & Beverage next door in the Fellowship Hall. 

- Listen & Sing (singing optional). Expect to hear a short message of good news and sing some songs in response to that good news. 


- Age-relevant teaching about Jesus. We use the Gospel Project Curriculum.

- Experienced teachers. Most of our teachers have 20+ years of teaching experience. 

- Safe environment. Air purification systems and other Covid protocols in place.

- Easy check-in process. Drop off your child 5-10 minutes prior to the service & pick them up afterwards. 

- Easy to Navigate. Each of our classrooms are well-marked and can be found by going through our fellowship hall adjacent to the main sanctuary.